Cottages & Gardens just featured a short story about a 2010 Preservation Award Winner, the Orient House, which has been listed for sale.  (Photo above courtesy Cottages & Gardens.)

Here is our description of the Orient House from our Local Historic Districts site: 

This one-and-a-half story log bungalow with boulder chimneys displays characteristics of the Arts and Crafts movement so popular at the turn of the century. The plate-glass casement windows with their diamond lights at the top are also typical of the period, and the dormer windows, including a long gang-dormer on the front, have diamond-paned casements and overhanging eves with the rafter ends exposed. There is an unusual use of color in the trim. The low pitch of the roof and the horizontality of the dormer windows further enhance the low-lying character of this house. The name ‘Orient Lodge’ is expressed in several exterior aspects, viz: the entrance door transom and one front window, which are etched in the Japanese motif and several lamps of Japanese design, used as exterior lighting.


Built in 1904, this house, in addition to its Craftsman Bungalow features, displays much Oriental details expressing the owner’s interest in the exotic- so characteristic of the nineteenth century. This combination of influences has proven here most harmonious; and the house, actually constructed of logs, may be considered unique in the Stamford area.


The property is located towards the southeast of the intersection of Old Long Ridge Road and Shagbark Road. Orient Lodge sits on land that was, from back in the 1920s, occupied by two mills; a grist mill and a saw mill. Both were powered by Stony Brook, which travels down through Long Ridge Village.

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