Connecticut Architecture: Stories of 100 Places has caught the eye of local newspapers and stations. In several interviews listed below Deputy Director, Chris Wigren offers his methodology and hopes for the way the book will be used.

“Chris Wigren fractures the complexities of how we perceive the places that have meaning, simplifies their means and methods and holds them up before us in history and in our own popular culture. But this book is neither arcane nor idiosyncratic. It is a holistic view of one small state’s rich weave of how its residents make and experience their culture.”- Duo Dickinson, New Haven Register

“The book has hundreds of photos, artwork and descriptions for you to spend time with over the holidays to get to know the state of Connecticut and its architecture.”- WTNH, News 8

“Christopher Wigren doesn’t want people to merely read his new book, Connecticut Architecture: Stories of 100 Places. He hopes we will go out and see for ourselves the state’s rich variety of sites and even discover some we never knew existed. Perhaps even some that didn’t make it into the book.” – Randall Beach, Connecticut Magazine

*Photo credit: Connecticut Magazine, Arnold Gold