Help us protect the Community Investment Act.
The Connecticut Trust helps lead the coalition to save one of the most important funding sources for preservation:  the Community Investment Act (CIA). Signed into law in 2005 by then-Governor Jodi Rell, the CIA collects real estate recording fees into a fund that helps conserve open space, protect farmland, preserve historic properties, and supplement affordable housing programs.



Millions Invested

Help us defend preservation from budget cuts.

The program has been an extraordinary success. To date, the CIA has reinvested over $152 million in 1,500 projects in every community across the state.  Since its inception, the CIA made timely and much-needed investments in projects that enhance community character and quality of life, while strengthening our state and local economy with responsible planning, job creation, and leveraging millions of dollars in private matching funds and consequent investment and spending.

Despite this success, since 2015, the legislature has reduced funding for the CIA, with regular threats of raids and sweeps. Click here for a spreadsheet illustrating the scope of the CIA, as of 2016. The Trust has used the funding for historic district commission trainings, pre-development grants for projects of all kinds, community planning efforts, and support for local initiatives.

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