For salvage or relocation, preferably within Connecticut: Mid-20th-century prefab “Techbuilt” house by architect Carl Koch.

“The Techbuilt Idea is in essence a design for living. It recognizes the family as the basic unit around which the structure for living must be built; that it must be designed to meet not only their physical and social needs, but also those of mind and spirit.” From The Techbuilt House, Techbuilt, Cambridge, MA.

Techbuilt Houses are typically 2-story structures set in a wooded or secluded area, with the first floor below grade and at least one wall open to the outside. This prefabricated building system combines Bauhaus and Scandinavian design principles.

The house will need to be relocated from Stonington, Connecticut. For more information, contact: Graham Stevens, DEEP, (860) 424-4166 or