Mills Survey

Re-imagine Connecticut’s industrial heritage through the Trust’s Making Places project.

Check out our Connecticut Mills website, where we have documented places where things were – and in some cases still are – made. Explore development opportunities, historical analysis, images, and other mill-related information! If you’re a developer considering a mill rehab, click here for our current funding opportunities.  

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Our Mills website has all the information you need on Connecticut’s industrial heritage.

People Reached

Mills Documented

Dollars Awarded

Our survey documents over 1,500 extant mill buildings and complexes, including vacant, underutilized, and distressed sites that may present opportunities for rehabilitation and re-use. Many mills have already been adapted to new uses, and Making Places has gathered case studies of successful mill reuse projects. Through the course of the project, we conducted 59 site visits, made 250 development contacts, and gave 18 “Got Mill?” presentations, reaching 1,200 people.  We also awarded a total of $339,000 to 9 projects to fund strategic planning projects in 2014-2015, and awarded limited-scope professional technical assistance consultancies to stimulate project initiation and momentum.  

All of this was made possible with funding from the State Historic Preservation Office. Our researchers built on the work of a 1981 survey, Connecticut: An Inventory of Historic Engineering and Industrial Sites, which was sponsored by the Historic American Engineering Record and the Connecticut Historical Commission.

Our Mills Project is more than just a survey. It has been a catalyst for reinvestment in our historic heritage. Contact me if I can help. Renée Tribert

Project Manager, Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation

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