Mimi Findlay Award: Regan Miner

Three cheers for the next generation of preservation leaders!

At age 26, Regan Miner has already made important contributions to preservation and public history in Norwich. As an exemplary young preservationist, she embodies the spirit of the Mimi Findlay Award, which the Trust awarded to her in 2018. 

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Regan’s “day job” is serving as a historical consultant for the Norwich Historical Society and the City of Norwich. In that role, she has had a hand in many of the local planning efforts in Norwich. She helped to create a heritage park at Uncas Leap on the Yantic River. She helped to write grant applications to fund projects like the restoration of the East District Schoolhouse and the Daniel Lathrop Schoolhouse, which has a new visitors’ center.  She has also created the Benedict Arnold walking tour, along with one at Uncas Leap, which involve physical brochures, street signs, and interactive smartphone components. She also serves as vice chair of the city’s Historic District Commission.

Regan recently received her graduate degree in public history from Central Connecticut State University, after having earned a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Connecticut.  Cheers to Regan for bringing history to the fore!

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