We’ve taught hundreds how to give wood windows new life.

The Connecticut Trust recently hosted the Vermont-based Preservation Education Institute for its popular “Wooden Window Repair” program.  Owners, contractors, craftspeople, architects, and loves of historic places joined us to learn all about the process of wooden window restoration.

Thousands of wood windows are ripped out of this country’s older and historic buildings each year. This astonishing loss is due in part to the fact that few people remain skilled in the repair and maintenance of wooden windows.

During the recent workshops, instructor Sally Fishburn guided participants through practical and economic methods to deal with sash stuck in place with paint, broken glass, rotten sash joints, weathered sills, bowed meeting rails, and frame joint decay.  She told participants about how windows were originally constructed — why some last for centuries and others rot and fall apart after just a few years.

Participants also learned how to conduct assessment surveys on windows at the Manchester History Center building, evaluate window treatment options, plan and cost window repair projects, complete repairs, and plan for scheduled window maintenance.

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